Reach your target audience with effective online ad campaigns.

DURATION: 30+ Days

These campaigns are designed to be a minimum of 30 days to allow for optimal campaign performance.


We recommend a minimum ad spend of $1000 which is split between your selected ad platforms.


Once you have completed the sign up form, it will take our team 7-10 business days to get your campaign up and running.

Why PPC?


Why 30 Days?

Learning Phase

Ad platforms go through what is called a "learning phase," which is a period of approximately 2 weeks, during which the platform becomes acquainted with your campaign and your audience to ensure optimal ad delivery.

Longevity Improves Performance

Paid advertising campaigns prove to get better and better over time (30+ days) because historical performance data contributes to more targeted ad display. As a result, these campaigns are a great solution for an extended period of time.

Recommended Ad Spend

We recommend a starting ad budget of $1000 for 30 days*.
Here is an example of how this ad budget would be broken down by platform:

$500/30 days

A minimum ad budget of $500 is recommended for Google due to the average cost per lead.

$250/30 days

An ad budget of $250 is the minimum recommendation for Facebook. The cost per lead is typically lower on Facebook so the budget goes further.

$250/30 days

An ad budget of $250 is the minimum recommendation for Instagram. The cost per lead is typically lower on Facebook so the budget goes further.

*Ad budget does not include the cost to setup the campaign. This budget is allocated strictly to ad spend.

Campaign Options

With over 350 landing pages driving over 30k leads a year, our campaigns have proven success
for over 100 dealers in various markets. Our library of templated hot tub and pool campaigns
ensure that you have an effective long term approach to lead generation.

Grand Opening Sale

Grand opening sale campaigns are specifically catered to stores that have recently opened. The ads and creative have been designed specifically for promoting new stores.

Recommended Ad Spend: $1000

Campaign Includes:


Staycation Promotion

Staycation campaigns are specifically designed to encourage your customer to create their perfect vacation spot in their own backyard. The ads and creative are designed to get people thinking about how they can turn their backyard into their own oasis.

Recommended Ad Spend: $1000

Campaign Includes:

Campaign Incentives

It’s important to give your potential customers a valuable reason to fill out the form so that your campaign will generate quality leads.
Based on our experience, price lists and savings list result in the highest performing campaigns and higher quality leads.

Price List

Price lists haven proven to be the most successful in generating leads.

These lists include:


Savings List

Savings lists are also very successful in generating quality leads. The only difference is that these lists do not include any pricing.

These lists include: